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MoneyPenny, LLC got its start as a QuickBooks training company in 1993. Since that time, we have been developing and delivering training material to Accounting and Bookkeeping firms around the globe. 

From the beginning, MoneyPenny, LLC has focused on assisting accounting and bookkeeping firms in developing and implementing tools that allow the firm to adjust to the fast-changing world of public accounting. The speed at which small businesses are adopting online bookkeeping, online collaboration and cloud data storage caused accountants and CPAs to rethink their business model. The hourly rate is being replaced by value-pricing and monthly recurring fees, creating an even flow of cash and an increase in profits for firms that embrace this change. Business clients are used to receiving up to the minute information to run their business. As such they need up-to-the-minute real numbers to make decisions. Let MoneyPenny, LLC assist you and your firm in:


  • Setting out a clear vision and roadmap for how to change your practice
  • Training your people with the new skills they need to ensure success
  • Focusing on specific industries to target
  • Promoting the change to existing clients as well as new prospects
  • Developing a collaborative network with other firms to extend your reach
  • Changing your business model to sell your knowledge rather than your time
  • Embracing the CLOUD to allow you to engage with clients in a responsive and transparent manner


Penny spent a full day with our staff implement a new system and procedures. Her knowledge and working experience saved us from the trial and errors that could have been involved in this implementation. She was great at quickly assessing the different personalities of the staff involved and communicated effectively with these different personalities. Highly recommend her.
— Terry, CPA, Texas

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